Sewing fur coats by order



Sewing fur coats by order

Do you want a unique fur coat sewn on Italian patterns in the best traditions of world fashion?

Our atelier Mario has mastered the Italian fur cutting school. Today, we are the only ones in Russia who began to buy patterns from Italian brands, offering our customers a unique combination of the best fur in the best true-world cut.

Our masters were trained in Rome in the famous company Fendi. Since 1925, the name Fendi has been synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship, creative ingenuity and consistently relevant style.

Professional tailor manikin for fitting clothes. Tailor atelier - handmade exclusive clothes making and repair, private business, creative occupation concept

We exclusively give 1 year warranty for any service from the moment we start wearing the product! This means that if you ordered a coat in the summer, the guarantee starts from the beginning of the cold season when you start wearing a fur coat.

low prices
How much is it
  • Mink coat from⠀39.800
  • Coat of fox from⠀37.850
  • Karakul Fur Coat from⠀35.600
  • Fur coat from sable from⠀65.800
  • Marten Fur Coat from⠀52.900
  • Avtoledi from⠀33.800

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