Since the last century, Mario atelier has been pleasing its clients with impeccable quality of work and unsurpassed quality of fur from the best suppliers of fur.


Our craftsmen have mastered the Italian furrier cut school and constantly improve their skills in the best of fur companies in Italy.


We apply the patterns of famous Italian brands, offering our customers a unique combination of the best fur in the best cut of a truly global scale.

Our services

New cut and alter fur coats

We make a partial or complete change of style, lengthening or shortening the product, add elements from another type of fur, leather and other fabrics, change the collar or tailoring the hood.

All this will help to significantly improve the appearance of the product, in addition, the fur coat will once again correspond to the trends of modern fashion.

Our services

Individual tailoring of fur coats

Individual tailoring of fur coats using patterns of high Italian brands. Exclusive rights to buy the best fur from fur manufacturers make us the absolute leaders in Russia.

Mario Moda

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