Block and alter the fur coats



Block and alter the fur coats

We make a partial or complete change of style, lengthening or shortening the product, add elements from another type of fur, leather and other fabrics, change the collar or tailoring the hood.

All this will help to significantly improve the appearance of the product, in addition, the fur coat will once again correspond to the trends of modern fashion.

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Block and alter

For whom?
Fashion is gone

You haven’t been wearing your fur coat for several years because you just stopped liking it.

Wrong size

You have lost weight or recovered and now your old fur coat does not fit either in size or in style.

Want something new

Some time has passed and your fur coat no longer looks new. The style is outdated, and the fur is rubbed a little.

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How do
we do it

High-quality block coats for their complexity is much more difficult to manufacture a new product. In the process of complete overhaul, the old fur coat is unpacked and completely disassembled into its constituent elements (up to fifty elements). Then the specialist assesses the wear elements.

Parts that are unsuitable for further use are removed or replaced, and fur with minor damages is subjectet to restoration. A completely new product is made from prepared fur by furriers.


We exclusively give 1 year warranty for any service from the moment we start wearing the product! This means that if you ordered a coat in the summer, the guarantee starts from the beginning of the cold season when you start wearing a fur coat.

low prices

How much is it

  • Sew the sleeves at the inner seams from⠀7.425
  • Shrink shoulders from⠀8.095
  • Sew the side seams from⠀8.685
  • Extend the side seams in chest area from⠀8.645
  • Expand on board line from⠀12.625
  • Extend in the side seams along the entire length from⠀17.125
  • Alter fur coats to a vest from⠀14.900
  • Alter fur coats to avtoledi from⠀24.900
  • Fur coats to classic silhouette from⠀24.900
  • Fur coats to model with the cross direction of pile from⠀26.900
  • Alter fur coats to a fleece combined with skin / fur from⠀28.900
  • Turn fur coat inside out from⠀27.800

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